FIPROTUR Membership Benefits

Members of FIPROTUR will have the following benefits:

Logistical support from the destination’s representative office in Los Angeles.

  • Use of the physical facilities (boardroom).
  • Strategic contacts in California.

Participation in promotional activities with special prices:

  • Specialized fairs (IMEX America).
  • Press events.
  • Promotional caravans.

Access to performance statistics from Los Cabos and specialized studies.

  • Full statistical observatory.
  • Specialized analysis.

Advice on First Response when facing a property crisis.

  • Media monitoring and crisis alerts in real-time.

Participation in workgroups by niche, market, and segment.

Outstanding presence in:

  • Webpage
  • Directories
  • Brochures and leaflets

A place in 2 shipments of “Los Cabos Deals” to trade and consumer databases.

Fullfilment house for:

  • Storage of collateral and/or advertising material
  • Commission payments for travel agents.*
  • Shipping to events.*
For more information contact to Susie Albin-Najera, Los Angeles Office Manager, Email or to memberships email