What We Do


Where Innovation Meets Collaboration

At FIPROTUR Los Cabos, we redefine the paradigm of luxury tourism marketing, orchestrating bespoke strategies that elevate both the allure of Los Cabos as a premier tourist destination and the prestigious stature of our members. Distinct from any government entity, FIPROTUR Los Cabos stands as an eminent non-profit organization, pioneering unparalleled collaboration among the luminaries of the tourism sector.

Dedicated exclusively to serving Los Cabos’ leading businesses, FIPROTUR crafts exquisite marketing endeavors designed to ensure the pinnacle of visibility for this idyllic destination, alongside a superior return on investment for our esteemed members. Our B2B and B2C initiatives are meticulously engineered, leveraging our exclusive market insights—gathered and analyzed specifically to afford our associates a competitive edge that is as luxurious as it is effective.

North American Office

FIPROTUR Los Cabos has an official bureau for the US and Canadian markets. This office facilitates travel trade and consumer shows in the United States, as well as trade missions and educational webinars. The office works closely with travel advisors, tour operators, airline partners, meetings, events and wedding planners. It also continuously generates marketing opportunities, strategic alliances with media, influencers, and other innovative marketing initiatives.

Susie Albin-Najera, North American Leisure Travel Manager, L.A. Office

Susie is a travel and tourism marketing specialist with vast experience in destination management, marketing, public relations, content creation and special events. Najera is a certified Los Cabos and Mexico specialist, on the Board of Directors for Travel-Awards.org, a member of Women Leading Hospitality and Tourism and nominated for a Los Angeles Business Journal Women’s Leadership Award. She has been celebrated by the Mexican Consulate and Mexico Tourism Board for fostering positive relations between countries and for her dedication to showcase Mexico as a premiere destination.


FIPROTUR Los Cabos has generated a series of projects that have given Los Cabos significant exposure through several channels. See our projects:

The Travel Detective and Eye on Travel

The famously acclaimed, award-winning TV show host, Peter Greenberg showcased Los Cabos as his first international travel destination to generate confidence in travelers and show that travel is still a positive experience during the pandemic. Condensed versions of the show have been posted online. The full show will air on PBS and will showcase several of our members.


Dedicated and diverse educational fam trips have been developed through strategic research and networking. The LA office has developed key relationships with targeted travel organizations and agencies, travel advisors, tour operators, airlines and more to offer a detailed overview of the tourist destination.


Los Cabos participated successfully with the first dedicated single destination pavilion in IMEX America. With 21 destination partners participating actively, this is the first time a Mexican tourist destination participates with a stand-alone pavilion and with 100% private financing. During IMEX America the members had over 1,000 appointments with event planners and meeting organizers.


FIPROTUR has facilitated the visit of high visibility influencers with reach in several media platforms, including social media. Some of these influencers are : Diego Boneta – famous Mexican actor of Netflix’s Luis Miguel series. Lindsay Myers, travel influencer of Get Lost with Lindsay and Lindsay’s Travel List on Access Hollywood Lifestyle (NBC). Michael Schibel, host of Travel with Meaning, Rachel Harshfield, fitness and wellness influencer. Jill Chapman, fitness and wellness influencer. All have visited Los Cabos, posted their experience and shared it with their databases including friends and family.


FIPROTUR Los Cabos has implemented new projects in which the destination can grow and increase revenue streams including Filming in Los Cabos, a new section on the website, as well as the 1st Annual Los Cabos Wedding Day Forum.


ASTA, USTOA, Association of Black Travel Professionals, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Prost Beach Cities, ASTA So Cal ,Travel Massive, CCRA, Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce are just some of the organizations that FIPROTUR Los Cabos has joined in order to develop key relationships, provide educational opportunities and increase revenue.